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't afford this plan. but it fwroings light the debt many countries bring on. particularly the united states. if we keep bringing on debt other countries are going to wonder if they are every going to get their money back. >> what do you think to be snn >> well, i love they are creating a tax bill and calling it a health plan equally as stupid as billing a snow machine and snow world inside a hotel at dubai. i would offer that the size of the dubai g.d.p. is as big as highway shoy i don't think from the second-place -- >> it's the size of their debt in relation to what they can aforward and dubai had one of the highest debts per cap tae. now ours is about 60 g.d.p. is our debt here's the point, the rich countries can afford to carry the debt. the problem is when they get too far extended like a dubai or maybe a japant on the flip side you have countries like to you keep going down this road and pushing the vop. gina? >> i think this is ridiculous saying the reason we shouldn't have health-care is because of what's happening in dubai, this health care proposal is about $8 billion over 10 year
and women the finest fighting force on earth, that make the united states military the best the world has ever known, at a make all of us proud to be americans. rick: chris gutierrez is live at fort hood for us. good to see you. tell us more about the cop who is being called a hero today. >> rick, she's one of many men and women who stepped up and really their bravery speaks for itself. kimberly mone munley is a civiln police officer here on post. what she did, according to her supervisors, is kept this situation from escalating. her quick, swift actions probably saved the lives of so many people. remember, there were close to 400 soldiers inside that processing center when this chaos began. and she, while taking gun shots to other own body, managed to fire off several shots that hid nidal. here's what her manager, her boss, told me a few minutes ago. >> i don't think she quite grasped the action that she took saved a lot of people's lives. but that's the kind of person she is. we knew very early on in her tenure here that she was a special person, and that if we had an officer who happe
,000 general practitioners in the united states. during this time frame we're going to add jobs, we're going to be light 60,000 general practitioners. we already know about 20% of the doctors between 50 and 60 are going to retire. they already said that. it's worse than that ladies and gentlemen. because they've now taken what used to be a one-on-one tax where you took 2.5% out of your medicare and it's paid, now it's going a general revenue fund. it's become the tax nightmare. brian: talking about tax nightmares, gary b., you took a look at the states with high unemployment and correlated that to what? more jobs or fewer? >> well -- or fewer? by regina's estimate, every time some program, state entity, government raised taxes, we should see more jobs. right? there's more revenues. but that's not the case. look at california. state tax alone! how would you like to live in california? over 10%. and unemployment over 12%. contrast that with texas with no state income tax and one of the lowest unemployment rates. the same with south dakota. >> you know what? brian: hold on. >> hold on one secon
's never been a budget program that i can find in the united states where the government has paid that's come anywhere near estimates so. right now we're saying it's $1 trillion. it's not going tofpblet it's going to be probably $5 trillion to $10 trillion, and it won't paider, marie a. you can't make up that on the backs of the people in the u.s. with taxes, which is how they want to do it. so it's totally false, and poor going to blow these deficits out of the water. brenda: maria, has there ever been a government program that has come in under budget? >> well, look, of course you can look at history and take a look at a ton of government programs that have never come under budget. brenda: name one that has. >> what i'm telling you is this president -- brenda: can you name one? >> the president has said this will be -- it doesn't matter. we are where we are now. he has said that this will be deficit-neutral. and by the way -- and by the way, you keep -- you know, i know you love to make fun of the liberal talking points that this administration inherited a massive deficit, but what y
's about 1/10 of the tax code in the united states no. one can figure it out. per toby's illustration, everyone is cheating on their taxes. simplify the darn tax code, then you won't have all this cheating. brenda: well, pat, it you live in chicago. what do you think about this? >> he looks thrilled. >> well, first of all, let's remember, this is not an i.r.s. thing. this is a cook county, city of chicago thing, guys. second point, to toby's point -- >> no, the irers has it, too. >> business b is dodging taxes, business b is doing something i will scompleel has an unfair advantage over business a t. ain't that hard. brenda: ok. there we go. >> word. brenda: there he goes. all right, hollywood leading ladies hit by the celebrity burglar bunch. get the stock that protects their superstar stuff while stuff being your pockets with profits. and it's 458 wean r week, but air has really outdone himself this week. brenda: predictions? gary b., you're up. >> good time to be in my old alma mater, i.b.m., brenda, at least in the healthcare arena. no co-pay, no deductible. they're making great st
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)